RED STAGE is a non-profit which commissions female playwrights, develops and produces new plays, and shares career-development resources with women in the arts.

Founded by Emily Penick, RED STAGE was originally a small theatre company based in Seattle, with the core mission of "woman curating the conversation."  The theatre company, lead entirely by women, had the goal of producing new plays with excellent female protagonists, working with a high percentage of women on the artistic and production teams. The inaugural RED STAGE production was the world premiere of WORSE THAN TIGERS, presented at ACT Theatre in the ACTLab, in 2016. 

With this debut production complete, Emily directed her energy towards creating an online resource library of career-development tools. She had seen, both in her own directing career and in the struggles of many of her female peers, a need for easily-accessible information about arts education, fellowships, funding opportunities, and mentorship programs.  RED STAGE now aims to champion and support women in the arts, both directly and indirectly, through resource-sharing, commissioning, and producing. 

Thank you so much for visiting our website and for spreading the word about the resources mentioned here. 



Emily Penick - Founding Artistic Director of RED STAGE.